01. Diagnosis

Our watchmaker will check the watch on any faults or defaults that may have occurred on the watch. In this process everything will be photographed, to show the damage/wear that may have accured due to ravages of time.

When the diagnose is completely done, we will inform the client with a detailed quotation, for everything that needs to be done to get the l’art du temps finish.

02. Disassembly

When the quotation is approved, we will start by dissambeling the watch. First off we start by separting the movement from the watchcase.
The watchcase will be disassembeld, from removing the glass, too removing all the old gaskets.

Anything that may look worn out, will be replaced. The watchmovement will be taken apart and will be deeply cleaned in a watchcleaning machine.

03. Polishing

If choosen by the client, we will restore the watch in its original condition, with respect for its heritage and the brands prescriptions. Our goal is to bring it back to factory new, just like the day your watch left the factory.

So you can fall all over in love again with your watch.

04. Case Cleaning

After a proper polish it’s important to remove any residues of polish paste or grime.
Hereby we deeply and thorougly clean the case in a ultrasonic bath

05. Movement Cleaning

Cleaning the movement is the most essential part of what we do, to provide a good working watch, all the work needs to be done in advance, where we clean each ruby and component with watchcleaning product, thanks to the watchcleaningmachine, the watch parts will come back nice and shiny.

06. Component Verification

In case some part in your favorite peace is broken, we need to resource the original part of the watch, only in this way we can guarantee a fully functioning watch in its original condition, this makes it a L’Art Du Temps finish. It’s like putting fiat wheels on your favorite Ferrari, just wont work.

07. Testing

After reassembeling the watch, we will test the watch for a period up to 1-2 weeks. Depending on the overall functioning of the watch, the watch can leave sooner or later. Hereby we test the accurancy of the watch, the powerreserve and the functionality of compilations. All these factors are depending on the brands prescriptions.

08. Before/After Comparison

When every box on the checklist is ticked, we can move on to the delivery of the restored watch. Hereby you will get full documentation about whats changed and done to get the watch to a L’Art Du Temps finish.

Most important of all is the feeling you get when you first see your watch, if it leaves you speechless we know we did a good job and that’s the reason we do all this.

Own a watch that needs some love? Or one that needs to make way for a new love affair?