"In a world where we lost value in things, it’s time for us to give back some value, give the good things some love, the things that you cherish, the things that live the closest to your heart."

Why sell your watch with us?

L’Art Du Temps is an online platform with expertise on, buying, restoring and selling exceptional and sought after watches.
Whether you are an experienced collector or a first-time seller, our team of in-house experts will be able to advise you on the best available options, drawing on our comprehensive industry knowledge and taking a data-driven approach.

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Why restore your watch with us?

Trough the years we nurtured a deep love for artistic heritage, thanks to the people who teached us, inspired us and gave us the chance to discover all the possibilities within restoring and discovering watches. All this combined we restore a watch with respect for it's heritage.

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  • "We value the things like no one else does, we don’t live by a brand or strategy, we only do what we like to do, with respect to the kind of art and used technics. All so you can relive the old times seek again and again."

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